Life Services offers a wide variety of services for anyone who finds themselves faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

You are scared, confused and even angry, but you are not alone. Through our services, you can receive pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, STD/STI information and referrals and more. We’re available. Our caring staff is ready and waiting to talk with you about your circumstances and how we can help you.

You may feel alone in this decision, but you aren’t. Sometimes you just need a listening ear and other times you need life advice. Let us provide you with what you need.

Pregnancy Testing

We provide confidential pregnancy testing at no charge. Life Services uses the highly accurate Quick & Clear pregnancy tests which can detect possible pregnancy as early as 7 days after conception. We can provide you with pregnancy verification for DHS, WIC, insurance, etc.

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We provide confirmation of viable intrauterine pregnancy through ultrasound performed by our trained Nurse. Medical professionals recommend that a woman have an ultrasound to determine fetal age and viability, to rule out tubal pregnancy, especially before undergoing an abortion. Ultrasounds are scheduled at the discretion of our medical staff and are no cost to you.

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STD/STI Information

If you are sexually active, even if you’re only with one partner, there’s a chance you can have an STD (sexually transmitted disease). It’s important to get tested so you can understand your treatment options and begin treatment right away, if it’s available. We provide STD/STI information at our clinic to help you understand next...

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Abortion Pill Reversal Referral

After taking the first dose of the abortion pill some women begin to regret their decision. They may wonder if it's too late or if can they can still continue their pregnancy. This can often be the case if they were pressured by a boyfriend, family member or medical staff to take the first dose of the...

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