Life Services’ trained ultrasound technicians are educated and experienced in providing first and second trimester ultrasound scans. While pregnancy tests are usually accurate 99% of the time, an ultrasound is the best way to confirm a pregnancy.  Not only will it confirm your pregnancy, it will also provide the information you need to consider your next steps for your pregnancy and health.

The answers you need

Because an ultrasound scan is such an important part of giving you the answers you need about your pregnancy our ultrasound scans are free and confidential, focused on giving you the best information available about your pregnancy like:

Gestational Age-

How far along you are in your pregnancy will help determine the options you have available. Gestational age can be estimated through several factors that our ultrasound technicians are trained to recognize.

Viability and location-

An ultrasound identifies whether your pregnancy is a healthy uterine pregnancy or an ectopic pregnancy. While not common, an ectopic pregnancy occurs when an egg implants outside of the uterus. This poses severe risks to your health and safety. Plus, it can require immediate medical intervention. 

All these details are an important part of having the information you need to make the best decision for yourself and your health. 

The choice is yours

Most importantly, you are the one seeing the information and results. This means YOU are the one in control of your pregnancy, no one else.

While the potential of an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming and scary, getting the information and facts you need about your pregnancy is an important part of taking control of your health. That’s why an ultrasound scan from one of Life Services’ trained technicians is a valuable resource for you.

If you are pregnant, or think you are pregnant, call us today to schedule a free and confidential in-clinic pregnancy test and ultrasound to get the answers you need.

You were made for this moment.