After taking the first dose of the abortion pill some women begin to regret their decision. They may wonder if it’s too late or if can they can still continue their pregnancy. This can often be the case if they were pressured by a boyfriend, family member or medical staff to take the first dose of the abortion pill.

The good news is that reversing a chemical abortion is sometimes possible. This can be done if you take action before the second pill is taken. 

How abortion reversal works

The first dose of a chemical/medical abortion cuts off the body’s natural supply of progesterone which is needed to sustain a healthy pregnancy.

By taking a high dose of progesterone after the first abortion pill has been administered, it’s possible to counter the effects of the medication, and restore the proper and natural balance in your body that you need to maintain your pregnancy.

While reversing the effects of the abortion pill is not guaranteed, it’s important you know all your options and potential opportunities to save your pregnancy.

Don’t let anyone pressure you

At Life Services, we believe it’s your body and your future. No one else has the right to pressure you into medical decisions. If you were pressured into taking the first dose of a chemical abortion perhaps by your boyfriend, family or other friends, and now want to reverse the effects of the pill and potentially save your pregnancy, you should seek assistance right away.    877-558-0333 

“I always say, ‘Live life without regret,’ and at that moment, I felt that very regret come full throttle. Every time I look at him, I’m just so thankful.” ~ Amy Mendoza, describing the results of her abortion pill reversal treatment.

Please contact us right away if you’ve started your medical/chemical abortion and now are hoping to reverse the process and continue with your pregnancy.

You were made for this moment.