Parenting is an exciting journey, but can also be full of unknowns and concerns for first-time parents. Even couples who were planning on their pregnancies can feel overwhelmed and need assistance. If you are considering parenting because of an unplanned pregnancy, know your feelings of uncertainty are not uncommon!

Parenting Classes

One way we offer support to parents is by providing parenting classes. These classes cover topics like the following:

  • Birthing and delivery preparation
  • Prenatal health
  • Car seat safety
  • And more

As you go through our classes, you’ll have the opportunity to earn points to spend at our baby boutique. This allows you to prepare well for the arrival of your baby by obtaining needed baby and maternity supplies.

Baby Boutique

This onsite “store” is well-stocked through the generosity of many in our community. We offer new and gently-used baby clothes and supplies so you don’t have to worry about other expenses in addition to the ones you’re already facing.

At our baby boutique, we offer the following items so you can be well-prepared during and after your pregnancy:

  • New car seats
  • Diaper Bags
  • Diapers
  • Baby clothes
  • Maternity clothes
  • Bassinets and Pack n Plays
  • Bottles
  • Formula
  • And more!

Parenting Support

We offer support to parents through pregnancy and the first year after your baby arrives. Your life will be full of many changes during that time, and we can be a reliable resource and support system for you as you navigate these changes.

If you have chosen to parent after an unplanned pregnancy, congratulations! Your life is about to change in so many ways, but this journey is full of joy, rewards, and satisfaction as well. You’re able to discover your strength in new ways and also have some weaknesses exposed. We’re here for you to cheer you on and offer guidance along the way!

Dad Coaching

Not everyone knows how to be a good dad, but we can help.  There are men who are ready to coach you: in relationships, parenting, life skills and more! 

Contact us to learn more about our parenting classes and Dad coaching.

You were made for this moment.