Whether you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and don’t know what to do, are a first-time parent that needs support, or have questions about sexual health, we are here for you!

Our staff members are trained and equipped to provide the answers you need in a professional, confidential environment where you’ll feel safe exploring your options. Here are just some of the resources we provide:

Parenting Classes

Even couples planning on being parents often need help with preparation when they finally do get pregnant. Parenting can feel overwhelming for anyone, not just someone facing an unplanned pregnancy.

To help, we offer parenting classes to equip and prepare you for parenthood before your baby arrives. Learn important parenting skills like how to prepare for labor and delivery, car seat safety, how to prepare for important milestones, and more.

Learn more about our classes and contact us to sign up here.

Baby Boutique

For couples and individuals going through our parenting classes, we offer the opportunity to earn points to spend like money in our baby boutique. This room is stocked with new and gently used items for moms and babies to help ease the financial burden of giving birth and raising a child.

The items in our boutique are donated by generous members in our community to always make sure you have what you need!

Post-Abortion Support

Abortion is a serious medical procedure and brings many side effects. All women (and men) respond to abortion differently – in physical, mental, and emotional ways.

If you’ve had an abortion and struggle as a result, we can help. We offer group and individual sessions where we can help you explore the pain of your past to find hope, freedom, and healing for your future.

Learn more about our post-abortion support and contact us if we can help!

You were made for this moment.